Seacock drawing

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Seacock drawing

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Does anyone have a drawing or sketch showing the location of all seacocks on the Albin Ballad?
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Re: Seacock drawing

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Hi ,
I don't have a drawing, but on my Ballad (#1085) they are as follows (I replaced all mine so sizes may not be original)
- starboard side, forward of the head in the small cubby under the aft end of the V-berth: head water inlet, mine is 3/4" (75mm).
- starboard side in the aft side of the head compartment: head drain, mine is 1 1/2" (380mm).
- centre bilge opening, port side: engine water intake was 1/2" (12mm)? (I removed this one and filled the hole.)
- starboard side under the galley sink: sink drain, mine is 1" (25mm).
- starboard side under the galley sink, inboard of the sink drain: sea water intake for the second galley tap. Mine is 3/4" and is used for the engine raw water intake. In hindsight, I would not do this again because this through hull is sometimes out of the water in rough seas and when on the port tack. Again, in hindsight, I would leave the engine water intake with shut off valve in the bilge, but put the strainer (where it is now) up under the galley sink.

I don't know if it was originally built this way, but the plastic Vetus water strainer was also in the bilge, a definite "no-no" as strainers are supposed to be located above the water line. To me it looked like a recipe for disaster.

My Ballad still had the original old gate valves and I replaced them all with bronze ball valves from Groco.

Hope this helps,
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