Boom vang on an Albin Ballad

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Jack Vrins
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Boom vang on an Albin Ballad

Post by Jack Vrins » Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:19 pm

in appears that the roller reefing on the main sail is a standard feature of an Albin. However, my new acquisition does not have a boom vang. Is that normal? I have been looking at all the videos and photographs. Some have and some have not a boom vang. Can anyone enlighten me of what should be there. There appears to be a place where a hook can be attached to the boom. Never sailed without one - have no idea what it will feel like :) Any insights are greatly appreciated!

Bob McGovern
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Re: Boom vang on an Albin Ballad

Post by Bob McGovern » Tue Oct 21, 2014 3:07 pm

Should be a T-ball fitting (sort of a keyhole plate) on the underside of the boom, about 41" from the mast. Then a riveted bail on the mast, just above the mast collar boot. The vang clips to the mast bail & slots into to the T-ball fitting. The reason for the T-ball is so the vang can be disconnected when rolling the sail around the boom.

That's the problem, tho. Besides the slowness & poor sail shape of roller reefing the main, you can't use the vang. Off the wind in stronger breeze, you really want the vang. The Ballad's tall skinny main probably rolls better than most, but there are still 2 or 3 better, quicker ways of reefing that yield better shape & allow the vang to stay on. Are your main & boom set up fpr slab or jiffy reefing?

Our Ballad has the Tuphfitting roller boom by Selden, but we're ignoring that & adding single line jiffy reefing back to the cockpit. If your halyards are staying at the mast, slab reefing is easier. I have a couple reefing horns that might work, if you want them.

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