home made bollards

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home made bollards

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I`ve made 3 bollards for the ballad cheaply in cost, expensive in time. this may help with both those problems

2 rear are 30mm diameter 280mm long (made longer due to manufacturing) will saw to size before fitting

1 forward 40mm dia x 370mm
lathe was made from videos on youtube


made from english oak from ebay £17 inc delivery (teak was expensive and difficult to get, also was not sure this would work)
i would use teak if i started again.
wood dimensions 100cm x 7cm x 5.5cm this was about the right size ......28cm was leftover.

bolts 10cm x M8 £2
M8 pronged T nut £1=10
bearings 608ZZ you need 4 but 2 needed replacing so 6 overall cost £5 for 10
wood to make lathe 2400mm x 90mm x 45mm £7
electric drill, normal wood chisel 25mm width, vernier gauge ,sandpaper
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