Boat Battery

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Boat Battery

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Hello all,

When my wife asked me to install a fridge (such luxury) on Triola (Ballad number 51), I started to worry about my battery bank and the pressure put upon it. Did I have enough Amp Hours? What the devil is an Amp Hour anyway? So I started to research and build a spreadsheet of my battery usage, I soon discovered that I was not the only one with such worries, so I have developed an App for the iPhone to calculate Marine and Boat Battery usage to help other yachtsmen too (especially those with venerable, much loved and upgraded vessels such as our Ballads).

At the risk of sounding a bit self promotional, I thought it might be of use to you chaps and I'd be interested to get your feedback. I haven't yet localised it, so unfortunately the only language in the App is English (when I get some time I will get some translations done and get some more languages included).

Let me know what you think!


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Re: Boat Battery

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Hi Mark

Have you got an Android one? Just installing electrics in my newly acquired Ballad.

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