Soolaimon's Holiday

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Soolaimon's Holiday

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Hi All,

I'm planning a bit of a trip out this summer, without making too many plans. Carrying a lot of charts, but the aim is to get down to the Algarve for a few weeks, then decide where next. My other half has booked flights there for late July so it would be nice to be there.

It's intended to see if I'd like to go on a longer journey in a few years time taking Lin.

I have a friend James, who has just retired from work who is going to be crew.

Setting off mid June from Falmouth for Cork as a shake down, revictual, and then on across Biscay.

I'm thinking probably the Azores later, and back to work early September, but who knows.

In preparation I have replaced the truss, and checked the steel transverse beam. Then added some strengthening there to tie the half bulkheads together. Removed the soggy mess under the sampson post to strengthen that up in expectation of many nights at anchor. Drilled and filled a hole in the rudder so I can get a rope through in case of steering problems, made a new block for the tiller attachment.
James had to endure a day at Beaulieu where he found a pair of good spreaders, so the mast and rigging is all sorted with new spreaders, aerial, windvane, nasa light, main halyard, and so on. New locker lids should be going on today, and this weekend I'm hoping to get the batteries shifted under the cockpit floor.
I got the sewing machine out, and repaired the spray hood, new windows in it, and knocked up some dodgers. Lacking the confidence, and time to diy I had a bimini made.
New saloon windows were fitted.
New through hull for the sea water tap.
The list of preparation seems endless. New sails, additional anchor, extra warp, new sheets, Sea Feather wind vane.
for those that are interested the drop box link takes you to the photo's I have taken for the survey. ... zjVAa?dl=0

My intention in the normal haphazard way is to do a log of the journey, and post a few pics on here.

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