New table, what to do?

Bob McGovern
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Re: New table, what to do?

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Aha! Somewhat by accident, I found the articulating table that was lurking in memory. The site does not permit direct linking to images, but if you go here: ... boat_id=51#
And click + View all 45 photos, it shows up around #19. Base mounts on the mast. You'd want some easy way to remove it to pull the mast, probably. :)
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Re: New table, what to do?

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Thanks Bob ... here we go:
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Re: New table, what to do?

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I was considering something similar but I think my stove is going to get in the way. I have the Lagun table leg ready to install once I'm done with the stove. My current plan is to mount the table leg on the starboard bunk. I'm considering glassing in a support in behind the place where the table leg is going to be attached.
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