Speaker placement (in cabin)

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Re: Speaker placement (in cabin)

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TamTam wrote:We replaced our sliding doors with coloured acryl. It looks nice and kind of modern:-)
Because of the mirror effect, the kitchen area looks bigger.
Very nice :) Just like I want to do except with the worktops - I plan changing them to white.
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Re: Speaker placement (in cabin)

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dahlke wrote:
Bob McGovern wrote:Is triangles. :) You can cut the center out of a triangle with surprisingly little loss of strength. (Hence, geodesic domes. Most of your forces migrate out to the edges.) Looking good, Mads!
Hehe, my initial thought was actually to PM you Bob :) I thought you might be able to shine some light on what would be a good location to mount the speakers without compromising anything "load bearing". I had no idea mounting speakers in the small bulkheads was so popular.

Thanks, Bob :) I bet it's still to cold for you to do any work on the boat? Fingers crossed for an early spring - and lots of pictures ;)
Lack of other options! Ballads are so small inside,those bulkheads cry out for speakers. (It is probably where we will put ours, now the pilot berths are gone.) Our boat also came with some BOSE weatherproof speakers, which the previous owners had mounted on the pushpit. We'll need all available space back there for other things, and I am not much of a 'music in the cockpit' person. May sell those or mount them in the house or shop?

Still quite cold and snowy here -- it is inspiring to see other folks getting along with their projects, tho, so reports are welcome! Hope to finish off the water tank soon and start on the mast step problem & keel sump reinforcement. Then new bulkheads, re-skin the side decks, and hopefully paint & Kiwigrip the decks by late summer. Our new dorades have arrived, from Malta via Singapore. :lol: They are seriously well-designed.


We'll need to decide where they go. Again -- not many options on the Ballad! The obvious place is where the passive mushroom vent is now, next to the fore hatch, plus the opposite side. But they will need a cage over them to prevent snagging genoa sheets. I'm thinking that might not be a bad place for 'granny bars', since the Ballad's handrail does not reach all the way forward.
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