Gas installation for cooker

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Gas installation for cooker

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I want to replace my Optimus stove with a gas stove and need to make a gas installation from scratch.

I have a guide as to where and how to install the gas bottles (under the rear cockpit hatch). Any tips as to how to route the copper piping, place gas taps, leak testers etc..?

I am a new Ballad owner, so you will excuse my ignorance, if this is well known!

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Re: Gas installation for cooker

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Hi Allan
This is not a reply to your question, but a request for information. I'm just about to install a new gas locker in my Ballad and I am looking for idea's of the best way to proceed, any info, photo's would be appreciated
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Re: Gas installation for cooker

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Hi Allan

I don't suppose you speak Danish? :-) There is an excellent guide (in Danish) on how to build a gas locker here: ... ering.ashx.

Perhaps you can translate some of it using If not let me know and I will translate the most important parts :-)

Hope this helps :-)
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